Kiddy capers…dinosaurs and donkeys

After buying all the bits for Ralph’s dinosaur cape only a few days before the wonderful Just So festival in Cheshire this summer, I was too late to get his costume made so didn’t have a huge incentive to get this cape completed…

…apart from the fact, the huge bits of fleece were taking up so much space in my stash!!!  I realised of course I could try to persuade Ralph to be a dinosaur for Halloween so set myself Halloween as a goal… once my mind was set to making the cape, I got it all completed over a few sewing sessions fairly quickly… here’s a pic of Noemi wearing it…


It looks good but I find the length to be quite short and the hood to be really big, Ralph is four and half.  Of course, I have been super busy with various things so I’ve only just posted it now… and I post along with The Donkey Cape…  One of the reason I went with The Dinosaur Cape pattern in the first place was that I thought it would come in useful for all sort of animal costumes so when Ralph told me he was a donkey in the nativity play I realised we could easily adapt the dinosaur pattern.  After a busy week of various events and Noemi’s first birthday party I had one night to pull it together so asked Greg (my husband) to help.  We pulled this together in about 90 mins between the two of us.


Ralph loved it, we made a few adaptations from The Dinosaur Cape, making it much longer, removing the lining and just hemming and making the hood a bit smaller.  Overall it worked well although the hood ended up being a bit too small and next time I would probably put some popper buttons on the front to ensure it holds together during the show but overall he looked great and still loves it.


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